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This is the beat of my heart.

And when did we become this. I miss the old days. Back when this was all new. Why do I feel like I’m losing you.

RIP Terri. We’ll keep fighting vacuities. Red ribbons and fundraising here we come.


Gonna try and keep myself motivated to work more, get my house actually looking like a house, get my room done and keep all pets happy and clean up a little more.. Nap less and eat less junk. I need to start thinking clearer. Everything lately has just sucked…

Today at Kates sisters funeral I was so upset.. I don’t do funerals well. I don’t do much of death well.. But I had to for kate. and now her dad is in the hospital with heart problems… We need to keep her in our prayers.


ON that note I also need to get back to church. I miss it. I miss feeling close to PapPap and I miss everyone who has passed… Even Scot’s mom.

I need to get this whole life thing going before its gone…

can we please put sailor moon on TV again =[

Even tho we may never see eye to eye on something.. Doesn’t me you ALWAYS let a fight happen. Why can’t you accept I DO NOT like something and just don’t do it. I’d do it for you. But I guess that’s just expected. When you act a certain way. I will think that’s what’s happening.

Happy fathers day to my dad. Never can be serious 😛😅
Lmao even Stevens
Happy Mother’s day to the shortest person I know. :p you’ve stuck through it all. Me and Chris arguing over spongebob or wrestling, Chris getting into trouble, always beimg sick, me joining band and him still being a rowdy boy, taking in my best friend as your own when she lost her mom, graduations from Truman, traveling to WV go reunions, and even SC to see him graduate boot camp. You may have a temper but at least it taught us to only fear our parents, and to be raised very well. Thank mama for all you doo ;)
Sometimes, I think my sister forgets I’m going to be 20 this sat.. #arcadegame
You and me are the difference between real love and the love on TV

My brother<3


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